About Us

About the Pikes Peak Woodturners

Who, What, and Where Since forming in 1988

The PPWT’s primary mission has always been to share woodturning knowledge and experience with members and interested visitors. We schedule a demonstration for each monthly meeting with a special guest turner or local club member, hold workshops for members, participate in a public outreach activity, or attend a regional or national symposium.

PPWT is one of the oldest woodturning organizations and a Chapter of the American Association of Woodturners (AAW). The club serves the broad Colorado Springs Area with its member base that draws from places within–and even beyond. As a result, we get to know other woodturners from a vast region, constantly learning new techniques and ideas from each other.


Member skills range from complete newcomers to World Class master turners and every hobbyist to professional level in between. Turnings range from basic utilitarian to fanciful art; simple finishes to post-turning embellishments like carving, staining, pyrography, and painting; to decorative cuts employing specialized accessories or lathes to produce the finished work. From shop-built to commercially produced; from centuries old to state of the art; be it small, large, new, or gently used; come learn how our members also make, use, maintain, and sharpen the tools and equipment we utilize. If you’re waiting for a reason to join us, there’s no more opportune time than right now!