Classes at Bemis

PPW members teach classes on woodturning at the Bemis School of Art.  Our classes are limited to five students for a one-day intensive session.  The club provides the lathes, all the turning tools, and the wood and other supplies for the class.  In this way, a person can spend a full day exploring the craft before investing in tools and equipment.

Every student in our turning classes has a club member as a safety officer and mentor during the class.   These teacher helpers make it possible for a total beginner to turn a functional bowl the first time he or she uses the wood lathe.

The club offers classes making bowls, pens (both wood and acrylic), and other small turnings like Christmas ornaments.   We will have a sharpening class for folks of all skill levels, and there is one open studio session for turners with some experience on the lathe.  For the class schedule, check the Fine Arts Center website under Art School (Catalog).  Most classes are on the first Saturday of the month, the day after the club meets on Friday evening.  Our classes are competitively priced relative to other classes available in the state of Colorado.

Bemis classes for the Summer term.  (Pending publication)
Class One 
June 16 2018   9:30 – 3:00      
Turn a wooden bowl

Turn a personal popcorn or cereal bowl using native woods.  You maybe able to turn two bowls if enough time.

Learn about a wood lathe & how to use wood turning tools.   You will also learn how to sand & put a finish on it.

Instructor Dennis Ligget

$85.00 for class and material fee $25.00


Class Two
July 14 2018 9:30 – 3:00   Turn a personal pen

Make a beautiful personal writing pen using beautiful woods & colored Acrylic blanks
Learn to use wood turning tools to turn a pen sand & put a finish on it
If there is time we will make 2 pens

Instructor Vic Victors
$75.00 for class and material fees $25.00

Class Three
4 Aug 2018 09:30 – 3:00

Turn a natural edge bowl

We will turn a bowl with the bark of the tree as the rim using native woods
You will learn to use wood turning tools on a wood lathe and how to sand & put a finish on it

Instructor Robert Brewer
$85.00 for class and material fees $25.00

Photos of previous classes


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