Demo Schedule

Demonstrations are at the heart of the Pikes Peakmeetings. The following are the upcoming demos as we currently know them. Demonstrations listed here are tentative and subject to change. Please see the club newsletter prior to the next meeting for confirmation of the demonstration.


The March demonstration date changed to March 8.

March 8, our demonstrator will be Alan Lacer.  He will demo on the Skew chisel.   

In this demonstration you will have a chance to watch Alan go through a number of different cuts. The presentation will also cover the critical aspects of getting an excellent edge on the tool—and even how it relates to sharpening other woodturning tools.


April 5, our demonstrator will be Bear Limvere.

The demo is a two-handled drinking bowl. The Scottish version of this bowl is called a “quaiche”, but the form is quite common throughout medieval Europe. Among the topics I cover is turning with finesse, but not timidity. I also try to give a historical perspective of where this bowl might have been made and how, who would be its owner, and how it would be used.

Technically, I cover initial mounting and outside turning, reversing and calculating where the inside begins, turning the inside, cutting the handles, and the carving involved in finishing the piece. Will show a couple if different methods or holding the piece for cutting and carving.





May 3, demonstrator will be Branden O’Brien. Branden will demonstrate the different methods to make rings.

June 7,  To be determined

July is scheduled for our club picnic

August 2, demo will be with Pat Scott the FRW club president.  Pat will demonstrate Pepper Mills.

September 6, Richard Aldrich

October 4, William “Bill” Smith turning Bird House ornaments

November 1, TBD