Want to join our club or come check us out for a couple meetings. Please complete the application form and bring a copy to the next meeting, Remember to include a check or money order for dues made payable to Pikes Peak Woodturners. 

While you’re thinking about dues, for those that aren’t already members, have you thought about join the AAW? If you’re on the fence you can get a 60 day guest membership for free. The guest membership will let you see a lot of the great videos, articles and tutorials that are available. You can sign up for a guest membership here.

Have you been wondering who that person sitting next to you is? Too bashful to introduce yourself? We’ve got a solution for that. Milo Scott, a chapter member, is making some great laser etched wood name badges. Along with your name will be the chapter logo.  If you are an AAW it will include the AAW logo as well.  It has a magnetic catch so you don’t have to poke holes in you clothing. He will make them to order for $10.00 apiece. A portion of the proceeds will come back to the chapter’s kitty.