June 5 2020 we will have an Interactive Remote Demo by Craig Timmerman  (  He will demonstrate his Torus vase. Members will receive an email with a link to click to join as a zoom participant.    Let us know if you need to pay your 2020 chapter dues to be added to the member list.

Fellow Woodturners,

As you know there are a lot of concerns in the US and the world about the COVID-19 Virus outbreak.  Bemis School of Art is taking steps to help prevent the spread by cancelling meetings to avoid large gatherings.  

Thank you for your patience as we remain temporarily closed until further notice during the COVID-19 crisis 

About Us

About the Pikes Peak Woodturners (PPW) Chapter

  • Since forming in 1987, the PPW's primary mission has always been to share woodturning knowledge and experience with members and interested visitors. We schedule a demonstration for each monthly meeting with a special guest turner or local club member, hold workshops for members, participate in a public outreach activity, or attend a regional or national symposium.
  •  PPW is one of the oldest woodturning organization and a Chapter of the American Association of Woodturners. The club serves the broad Colorado Springs Area with its member base that draws from places within--and even beyond. As a result, we get to know other woodturners from a vast region, constantly learning new techniques and ideas from each other.  

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